The Sobeks 2017 – Part 4

Hello everyone.

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic 2017 and are all ready to see what 2018 brings. I, for one, am really excited to discover some new favourite authors and series. My resolution is, as always, to post as many honest reviews as possible. Yet, before I get stuck into this year’s reviews, it’s time for my final look back on the gems of 2017.

In case you missed my previous posts, The Sobeks are my yearly blog awards. Rather than declare any one book as being the best, it is a look back at all of the stand-out novels that I read in 2017. These are the ones that I awarded 4 or 5 stars to on Goodreads. As you know, I’m a pretty critical reader so this is high praise indeed!

Read on if you’d like to learn about the best books that I read between October and December.



The Sobeks 2017 – Part 3

Hello everyone.

Is your Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket? To help you decide how to spend it, I thought I’d spend a few posts telling you about the very best novels that I have read this year. All of these books were worthy of a 4 or 5 star review on Goodreads and, as you know how fussy I can be, this means that I was absolutely blown away by them.

In today’s post, I’m going to be reminiscing about the books I read between July and September. Over this time, there was a decent number of books that made the cut. Read on for a wide variety of recommendations, links to my full reviews and adorable photographs of Sobek.


The Sobeks 2017 – Part 2

Hello everyone, and welcome to my run down of the best books that I read in 2017. If you missed my last post, these are the novels that I gave 4+ stars to on Goodreads – the ones that I found utterly engrossing and would recommend to everyone.

Unfortunately, this list is kind of short. Over this time I read fewer books as I took an exam and started a new job, and unfortunately most of those that I did read failed to earn this highly prestigious and sought-after literary award.

Anyhow, without further ado, here is the list of gems that I discovered between April and June:


The Sobeks 2017 – Part 1

Hello Everyone!

As Christmas has now passed, perhaps you have found yourself in possession of the greatest of gifts – the book token. As I appreciate that you might be struggling to decide which brilliant book to buy, I figured it was time to post up this year’s winners of the coveted Sobek Award. These are the novels that I read over the course of the year that I awarded 4 or 5 stars to on Goodreads – the ones that I would definitely recommend that you go out and buy.

As I’m a very picky reader, take it from me that these books are something really special. Let’s take a look at my hot picks from January, February and March:


The Sobeks 2016 – Part 4

Hello again and Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that your 2017 is miles better than 2016!

Before I start looking at a brand new year of books, here’s my final look back over the best novels that I read in 2016. As always, by “best” I mean everything that I awarded either 4 or 5 stars to on Goodreads. For this final post, I’ll be looking back over my favourite novels that I discovered between October and December.

Hope you enjoyed these last four posts! Now that my holidays are over, I’ll get back to looking at my usual reviews. I can’t wait to see what new gems I discover over the next twelve months!


The Sobeks 2016 – Part 3

Woot woot!

Named after my crocodile mascot, the Sobeks are the Arkham Reviews award for excellence. I award these only to the best novels that I review – those that are worthy of getting a 4 or 5 star rating on Goodreads. As you may have noticed over the previous two posts, this includes novels of many different kinds of genres so there’s something for everyone!

As none of the July reviews made the cut, today I’ll be looking back over the best reviews of August and September. Enjoy!


The Sobeks 2016 – Part 2

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m continuing my look back at the best books I reviewed in 2016. This time I’ll be taking a look at the reviews I did between May and July. All of these novels are ones that I award 4 stars or above on Goodreads, and I’d personally recommend them to anyone.

If you choose to spend your Christmas money on any of them, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!


The Sobeks 2016 – Part 1

It’s that time of year again!

To ring in the new year (and help you to spend that Christmas money), here’s a look back at the very best novels that I’ve discovered since 1st January 2016. This list is comprised of every book that I’ve read that I awarded 4+ stars to on Goodreads. As you are aware, I’m very stingy at giving these out so please take this as a sign that the books are really excellent!

Today, I’m going to be looking at all of the books that I reviewed between January and March. Enjoy!


The Sobeks – Part 4

Hello friends!

I hope you had a fantastic New Year. Today, I’m posting the final instalment of the Sobek Awards, this time showcasing all of the best books that we looked at between October and December.

Now that the holidays are over, we’ll be returning to our normal reviews. What can you expect form Arkham Reviews in 2016? Well, more reviews of course! I’m planning to spicing up the schedule by reviewing more new releases and posting the occasional editorial to add a little more variety to site.

Hope you enjoy this last look back over 2015. Here’s hoping that 2016 brings a whole new run of enthralling reads!


The Sobeks – Part 3

Hello friends!

I hope that you’re having a great holiday, no matter how you celebrate. The gorging, the presents, the general feeling of good will – it’s certainly my favourite time of the year!

In case you’re wondering what to spend you Christmas money on, here’s the continuation of my list of awesome reads. These posts showcase the very best novels that I’ve reviewed this year – the ones that I awarded 4+ stars to on Goodreads. Today, I’m going to be revisiting the reviews between July and September.



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