Stand-Alone Reviews

Looking for a specific review? Here is a list of every stand-alone novel that I have looked at so far. If you are looking for a review from a particular series, please click [here]



Adeyemi, Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone

Anderson, Monifa – The Runaways and the Everlasting

Anderson, Robert L. – Dreamland

Anderson, Sophie – The House with Chicken Legs

Anderson, Sophie – The Girl who Speaks Bear

Angeles, Janella – Where Dreams Descend

Anonymous – Slender Man



Banas, Danielle – The Supervillain and Me

Barr, Emily – The One Memory of Flora Banks

Barr, Emily – The Truth and Lies of Ella Black

Bennett, Sam – Compass of the Nymphs

Bennett, Sophia – Love Song

Black, Eldritch – The Book of Kindly Deaths

Black, Holly – The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Bohnet, Susan – My Life as a Troll

Bower, Susie – School for Nobodies

Brent, Boyd – The Scratchling Trinity

Brooks, Ben – The Impossible Boy

Brooks, Kevin – Born Scared

Burge, Rachel – The Twisted Tree



Carroll, Emma – In Darkling Wood

Carroll, Emma – Strange Star

Carroll, Emma – The Snow Sister

Casale, Alexia – House of Windows

Casale, Alexia – The Bone Dragon

Charles, Mitchell – The Kingdom of Oceana

Chloe, Isabel – Besides Naturalization

Cook, Eileen – The Hanging Girl

Compositor, Donna – Curse of Stars

Condie, Ally – Atlantia

Cordóva, Zoraida – Incendiary

Cosby, Linda Lou – Adventures with Ragweed: A Collection of Whimsical Tales

Crewe, Megan – A Mortal Song

Cumyn, Alan – Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend



Danford, Emily M – The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Daykin, Chloe – Fish Boy

Del Toro, Guillermo and Kraus, Daniel – Trollhunters

Donaldson, Jennifer – I Know You Remember

Donnelly, Jennifer – Revolution

Donovan, Caitlin Alise – In the Way of All Flesh

Duffy, Shannon – Awakening



Elinsen, Serra – Awoken

Ellis, Kat – Harrow Lake

Evaristo, Bernardine – Hello Mum

Extence, Gavin – The Universe versus Alex Woods



Farnsworth, Drew – Graham’s Charlotte

Farrant, Natasha – The Children of Castle Rock

Farrell, Maggy – Guilt Trip

Farrer, Maria – A Flash of Blue

Faye, C.C. – Scar

Fenn, C.M. – Chaos

Fowley-Doyle, Moïra – All the Bad Apples



Gadoury, Chantal – Seven Seeds of Summer

Galdi, Ted – Elixir

Golden, Christopher – Runaways: An Original Novel

Grace, Adalyn – All the Stars and Teeth

Green, John – The Fault in Our Stars

Green, Lisa Gail – Flame and Fury

Green, S.E. – Ultimate Sacrifice



Hadley, Aubrey – Glow: Book 1 – Potency

Hardy, Livia – Courting Death

Hardy, Vashti – Wildspark

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood – The Deathless Girls

Harrison, Michelle – A Pinch of Magic

Harrison, Michelle – The Other Alice

Harvey, Alyxandra – Red

Higa, Anne – Cold Iron

Hill, Will – After the Fire

Holman, Maggie – Footprints in the Snow

Howard, A.G. – RoseBlood

Hsia, Zhu and Jansen, Natashiah – The Silver Chest

Hutson, Thommy – Jinxed

Huxley, G.C. – Superunknown: Of Fairytales and Grunge





Jacobs, Jaco – A Good Night for Shooting Zombies

Johnson, Alaya Dawn – The Summer Prince

Johnson, Lora Beth – Goddess in the Machine

Johnson, Peter – The Night Before Krampus



Kaiser, Michael – Siege of Providence

Kei, Kateryna – Raven Boy

Kimino, Sakurako – Strawberry Panic

Khorsandi, Shappi – Nina is Not OK

Kress, Adrienne – Bendy and the Ink Machine: Dreams Come to Life



Lake, Nick – Satellite

Lange, Erin – Butter

Lange, Erin – The Chaos of Now

Lapinski, L.D. – The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Larbalestier, Justine – Razorhurst

Larrison, R.E. – The Spirit of Stratos: The Shadow Virus

Lawrence, Ellie – Tru Luup: Vintage Fashion Girl, Mystery Slayer

Lee, Wendi M – The End of You and Me

Leek, Miranda – Twisted!

Lem, S.J. – The Waterfall Traveler

Lennon, Joan – Questors

Li, Amaia S – The Night of the Moon Serpent

Liu, Liana – Shadow Girl

Lindstrom, Eric – Not If I See You First

Littler, Jamie – Frostheart

Lloyd-Jones, Emily – The Bone Houses

Lu, Marie – The Kingdom of Back



Mantchev, Lisa and Dallas, Glen – Sugar Skulls

McGee Holdsworth, Brenda – Dew from a Dark Mourning

McKenney, J.G. – The Book Knights

McManus, Karen M – One Of Us Is Lying

Minkman, Jen – The Space in Between

Montgomery, Ross – Perijee and Me

Morin, J.L. – Nature’s Confession

Mroziuk, Maria – Angry Blonde

Murdoch, Emily – If You Find Me

Murphy, Mark – The Curse of the Thrax



Nadathur, S.L. – Dante’s Kiss

Nader, Nadia – The Enchanted Rose

Ness, Patrick – A Monster Calls

Ness, Patrick – More Than This

Nox, Azzurra – Cut Here



O’Donnell Tubb, Kristin – The Story Collector

O’Dowd, Katy – The Lady Astronomer

O’Neill, Louise – Only Ever Yours

Orton, Katharine – Nevertell



Pascoe, Sara – Ratchet the Reluctant Witch

Pasumarthy, Tanvi Kesari – Aiden’s Quest for Apollo

Pierce, S.J. – Spectacle

Pinborough, Sarah – 13 Minutes

Pruitt, Donovan – City of Roses

Purdie, Kathryn – Bone Crier’s Moon





Raine, Mati – Archipelago

Randel, Stephen – The Olympus Cloud: Adventures of a Dreamer

Ransom, S.C. – The Beneath

Ravenola, Dean – Aether Warriors

Rishi, Farah Naz – I Hope You Get This Message

Ritchie, Krista and Becca – The Raging Ones

Rogerson, Margaret – Sorcery of Thorns

Rosoff, Meg – How I Live Now

Ruby, Laura – Bone Gap

Ruby, Steven – Ruby in the Rough



Sáenz, Benjamin Alire – Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Sanderson, Brandon – Skyward

Sedgwick, Marcus – Blood Red, Snow White

Sim, Tara – Scavenge the Stars

Smith, Ronald L – The Owls Have Come To Take Us Away

Snow, Sheena – Sparked

Spangler, Jenni – The Vanishing Trick

Spotson, Scott – Seeking Dr. Magic

Springbett, Harriet – Tree Magic

St. John, Enoch – Squeal

Starmer, Aaron – Spontaneous

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Scorpio Races

Sutcliffe, William – Concentr8



Tanquary, Kathryn – The Night Parade

Terech, Andrew – Victim Souls

Tinker, Rebecca – Who In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Tomp, Sarah – My Best Everything

Tressen, Jennifer – Sleeping in the Morgue





Valentine, Jenny – Fire Colour One

Varela, Nina – Crier’s War

Veevers, Lynn – Pinnacle

Vercruz, Melissa – Absolutely

Volavka, Joanna – Threadwalkers

V.S., Steven – The Kingdom Lights

Vyleta, Dan – Smoke



While, Kiersten – The Guinevere Deception

Williams, Eloise – Gaslight

Williams, Mike – Dunnard’s Pearl: What to Do with the World When You Can’t Get Off

Winn, Sheridan – Boudica’s Daughters

Woodford, Sammy – Tempus Abbey





Yovanoff, Brenna – Fiendish



Zentner, Jeff – The Serpent King

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