A Series of Unfortunate Events 1-3

A Series of Unfortunate Events 1-3

Although I am not going to argue that A Series of Unfortunate Events is in any way aimed at a teenage audience, I’ve decided to make it the subject of today’s review. As I noted in my FAQ, I will also occasionally consider books for a younger market if I feel that they have the ability to appeal to older readers. I think that this series more than fits that criterion.

A Series of Unfortunate Events was written by Lemony Snicket (pen name for the author Daniel Handler) and is a fascinating series for many reasons. The first novel, The Bad Beginning, was original published in 1999 but has been rereleased in a number of different special editions since then. It was rapidly followed by twelve sequels – The Reptile Room (1999), The Wide Window (2000), The Miserable Mill (2000), The Austere Academy (2000), The Ersatz Elevator (2001), The Vile Village (2001), The Hostile Hospital (2001), The Carnivorous Carnival (2002), The Slippery Slope (2003), The Grim Grotto (2004), The Penultimate Peril (2005) and The End (2006). Many short supplementary novels have also been published in order to further flesh out the story, though I’m not going to talk about them (if you wish to learn more, Wikipedia is your friend). For the purpose of this review, I am only going to focus on the first three novels only.

The series are told by Lemony Snicket himself, an unidentified individual who has been researching the tragic story of the Baudelaire siblings. Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire were three ordinary children whose lives were thrown into disarray when their parents were suddenly killed in a terrible house fire. Their parents left to their children an enormous inheritance and stated in their will that they wanted their children to live with a relative until Violet turned eighteen and was able to claim it.


From the Desk of Kim Dyer


Dear Reader,

If you have stumbled across this site in the hope of finding wholly positive reviews of heart-warming tales, I am sorry to say that you will leave here disappointed. This blog is dedicated to the study of all manner of Young Adult literature and it is my sad duty to assess them all in detail, even when the results can be described as nothing short of unpleasant.

In the coming weeks alone, I will be forced to document a selection of novels featuring a deadly assassin, a monstrous demon, an incompetent detective, a mysterious cup and a young girl from Minnesota.

If you are of a weak constitution, you may prefer to click away in search of some lighter reading. However, if you feel that you are able to stomach more of my unhappy commentaries look back later this week for a first look into Lemony Snicket’s chronicles pertaining to a series of unfortunate events in the lives of the Baudelaire orphans.

With all due respect,

Kim Dyer

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