Aegis Incursion

Aegis Incursion

This review is brought to you as part of the Virtual Book Tour for Aegis Incursion, hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Aegis Rising. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Aegis Incursion was written by S.S. Segran and first published in 2015. It is a science fiction story with fantasy elements, focusing on a group of five teenagers as they attempt to prevent a shady corporation from destroying crops across America. The book forms the second part of the Aegis League series and is preceded by Aegis Rising (2013). A further three books are planned but have not been released at the time of writing.

Jag, Aari, Mariah, Tegan and Kody are struggling to return to ordinary life. Following their ordeal in Canada, the group awoke in hospital with no memories of their three months in Dema Ki. Teased in school and hounded by the press, the five decide to head out on a road trip across Western America. They think it’ll be a perfect way to reconnect and get their heads back together.

However, the country has just fallen into economic turmoil. A mysterious illness is causing crops to fail all over America and is just starting to spread across the globe. It strikes without warning, destroying whole farms overnight. With stocks of corn, rice and wheat running low, the whole country is running short of major foods and people are rapidly becoming afraid and violent.

While this seems unconnected to the five teenagers at first, the group quickly find themselves drawn into events when they are attacked by a shady organisation and Tegan and Mariah are kidnapped. It quickly becomes apparent that the same corporation who were responsible for the poisonings in Dema Ki are also responsible for the crop deaths. The teens must rediscover their powers and embrace their shared destiny as the Bearers of Light if they are to save the world.

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