Aegis Rising

Aegis Rising

Aegis Rising is the debut novel of S.S. Segran and was first published in 2013. It is a fantasy story with science fiction elements which focuses on a group of five children after they survive a plane crash in a remote corner of Canada. A portion of sales of this novel also goes to the Aegis League, a charity that provides life skills training and micro-loans to disadvantaged youths. Aegis Rising is the first installment of a planned series but at the time of writing no sequel has been released.

Jag, Mariah, Aari, Tegan and Kody are heading off on holiday when their plane is struck by lightning and forced to crash land. They are rescued by the citizens of Demi Ki, a hidden village where the natives have thrived for centuries without being disturbed by outsiders. These peaceful people believe in an ancient prophecy which foretells that a firebird will herald the arrival of five chosen ones who will help to save their village. Believing that the burning plane is the firebird from their legends, the village Elders assume that the five teenagers are to be the heroes of legend.

Over their stay in the village, the Elders gradually begin to teach them the secrets of Demi Ki, imparting their methods of tapping into the latent abilities of a person to unleash superhuman powers. Yet not everyone in the village is as welcoming to the newcomers. Hutar, a youth with unusually potent abilities, believes that the heroes of legend cannot possibly be outsiders and plots to destroy them.

However, outside the village lurks an even bigger threat. The river that supplies Demi Ki with water has been poisoned and all who drink from it suffer from violent rages and death. A band of scouts are sent into the mountains to discover the cause but never return. Although their training is incomplete, the five teenagers decide to help their new friends to save their home but what they discover as they venture to the north is more dangerous than they ever could have imagined…


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