Evermore was written by Alyson Noël and first published in 2009. It is the first instalment of The Immortals series which focuses on teenage psychic Ever Bloom as she tries to keep her gifts secret and live a normal life. The novel is followed by Blue Moon (2009), Shadowland (2009), Dark Flame (2010), Night Star (2010) and Everlasting (2011). The book also sparked a middle grade spin-off titled the Riley Bloom Series which ran for four novels and focused on Ever’s little sister.

Following a terrible car accident which took the life of her parents, sister and beloved pet dog, Ever is forced to leave her entire life behind and move to California in order to live with her Aunt Sabine. Although she is endlessly tormented by survivor guilt, this is by no means the worst of her problems. The accident has left her cursed with psychic powers – the ability to see people’s auras and learn their life story with a single touch. Unable to control her new abilities, Ever shies away from human contact and gradually becomes regarded as the school freak. Only friends with fellow outsiders Miles and Haven (and the ghost of her sister, Riley), she resigns herself to a life alone. That is, until Damen arrives in her life.

Damen is perfect in every way and immediately becomes the most desirable boy in school. He is intelligent, dashing and skilled at art and Ever can’t understand why it is that he seems so interested in her. Yet she quickly discovers that Damen is hiding something from everyone. He seems to have psychic powers of his own and can dampen Ever’s abilities by touching her and he never seems to each anything, choosing instead to drink from a flask of mysterious red liquid.

As Ever’s attraction to Damen begins to grow, her life grows even more complicated. Haven seems to have fallen in with a bad crowd and is behaving increasingly strangely. To make matters worse, Damen seems to have a history with Haven’s new best friend, Drina. As another member of Haven’s group is found dead and Haven herself grows suddenly ill, Ever begins to realise that there is something sinister about Drina. She needs to find out what is going on and how Damen is involved or Haven could be the next to die.


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