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In case you haven’t heard of her, Alyxandra Harvey is a popular indie writer with over twenty fantasy novels to her name. For today’s review, I am going to be looking at her latest book – Red – a stand-alone fantasy story which stars a teenage girl who has the power to create fire. The novel was released on 10th March and currently available to buy on Amazon.

Kia Alcott hides a terrible secret. She can start fires with her mind, sometimes without even meaning to, and she knows that if anyone finds out about it her life will be over. Following an accident at school, she finds herself branded as an arsonist and expelled. Her father struggles to cope with her behaviour and sends her away to live in the country with her Grandma Abby.

Abby is the housekeeper of the vast Blackwood estate and Kia immediately feels out of place. There are so many rules for her to remember and, in her brief meetings with the Blackwood family, she realises that they are hiding dark secrets. The woods around the house are reported to be filled with dangerous animals and the son of the family, Ethan, has serious personality problems – flipping between charming and unapproachable with little warning.

After an accident in the woods leaves a teenager seriously injured, Kia gradually begins to see the truth. The dangers in the woods are not animals but monsters and one in particular seems to bear a grudge against her. It is only by working together with Ethan that she can identify and defeat the creature before she becomes the hunted one…

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