Chaos was first published in 2014 and is C.M. Fenn’s debut novel. It is an urban fantasy story which focuses on a group of super-powered humans who are dedicated to protecting the world from shadowy invaders. The novel forms the first part of The Realmwalker Chronicles, though at the time of writing no further instalments have been released.

Seventeen year old Addy is plagued by realistic dreams in which she’s falling from a great height. Although she always wakes before she hits the ground, she knows that there’s something different about them. They just seem far more vibrant than anything that she’s ever dreamt before. One night, she finally hits the ground and finds herself in deserted city. She’s quickly attacked by a shadowy monster but is rescued by a teenage girl who possesses the ability to change her body shape at will.

The teenager, Mel, takes her to Minor Calm – a safe haven in the world of Chaos. It is here that she reveals to Addy exactly what she is. Mel is a Realmwalker, a rare individual who has the ability to enter Chaos – a battleground between our world and the nether realm. It is the duty of Realmwalkers to fight invading Shades to prevent them from entering the human world. As Addy has found her way into Chaos through her dreams that means that she’s a Realmwalker too.

Soon Addy enters training and begins to develop her own unique set of skills. However, she’s arrived in Chaos at the worst possible time. A new Greater Shade has just appeared, one that seems invulnerable to all forms of attack. To make it worse, the Shade seems to be fixated on Addy and goes to great lengths to hunt her down. Yet if the Realmwalkers are to defeat the monster they first need to resolve the issues and conflicts that are dividing their ranks…


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