City of Ashes

City of Ashes

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, City of Bones. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Before I begin, I feel I should point out that that all opinions stated on this blog are my own and are strictly reflective of my feelings towards the novel. I understand that Cassandra Clare has a massive and incredibly loyal fan base and I don’t want anyone to think that this is a personal attack. I have nothing against the author or the thousands of people who adore this series but it’s not the story for me. More on that shortly.

City of Ashes is the second instalment of Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series and was first published in 2008. It was preceded by City of Bones (2007) and followed by City of Glass (2009), City of Fallen Angels (2011), City of Lost Souls (2012) and City of Heavenly Fire (2014). It also has a prequel trilogy titled The Infernal Devices and the first volume of its sequel series – The Dark Artifices – is due for release later this year. There is also a spin off collection of short stories titled The Bane Chronicles which was published back in November.

Following the climax of City of Bones, Clary has found that her life has become increasingly complicated. Although she knows now that Jace is her brother, she still struggles with her feelings for him. As Simon declares his love for her, things grow more complicated still. Although he offers her a chance to reclaim some normalcy, how can she be with him while she still wants Jace?

To make matters even worse, Jace is now under the scrutiny of the Clave’s Inquisitor. Now that everyone knows that he is Valentine’s son, the other Shadowhunters refuse to believe that he was unaware of the rogue’s plans and seem to go out of their way to prove that he’s a spy in their midst.

Yet it is hard for Jace to avoid Valentine, as the former Shadowhunter is still determined to amass enough power to destroy the Clave. As a couple of Downworlder children are brutally slain, suspicion immediately turns on the vampires but Clary and her friends realise the truth. Valentine has a new plan and it is up to them to uncover what it is before it is too late. 


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