City of Bones

City of Bones

Now where do I begin when tackling this one…

City of Bones is an urban fantasy novel by the bestselling, yet highly controversial author Cassandra Clare. It was first published in 2007 and forms the first part of The Mortal Instruments series, followed by City of Ashes (2008), City of Glass (2009), City of Fallen Angels (2011), City of Lost Souls (2012) and City of Heavenly Fire (due for release later this month). It also has spawned a prequel trilogy called The Infernal Devices and a recently announced sequel series which is to be titled The Dark Artifices, as well as a series of short stories that focus on the secondary character, Magnus Bane.

The novel focuses on Clarissa “Clary” Fray, an ordinary teenager who discovers that the world is not all that she believed it to be when she witnesses a group of tattooed youths slaying a demon. She soon learns that the youths belong to an order known as the Shadowhunters (a group of humans imbibed with celestial attributes) who help to keep the balance between the human and demon worlds by eliminating all monsters (called Downworlders) who pose a threat to humankind.

Clary is particularly drawn to the arrogant-yet-skilled Jace, who is in turn intrigued by the fact that she is an ordinary human (or mundane) who has the ability to perceive supernatural occurrences, although it seems that a spell has been placed on Clary’s memory to prevent them from discovering why this is. Clary is initially torn between her attraction to Jace and desire to continue her normal life, she is soon forced to turn to the Shadowhunters for help when demons kidnap her mother.

However, rescuing her mother is no simple task. Valentine – a Shadowhunter who once betrayed his order and attempted to destroy all of the Downworlders – has returned from the grave and is now searching for the Mortal Cup (an ancient artefact with the power to turn mundane children into Shadowhunters). Clary soon discovers that Valentine is the one who has orchestrated her mother’s disappearance and sets out with her new friends to find a way to remove her memory block and discover how she is connected to Valentine and the Shadowhunters…


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