Cover Reveal – One Wish Away

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Today, I’m happy to be part of the official cover reveal for One Wish Away, the upcoming first instalment of Ingrid Seymour’s Djinn Empire series. And here it is:


Can one love destroy the world?

Marielle Iris used to believe her grandpa when he said she’d inherit his wish-granting Djinn.

That was a while ago, though, when she was little, naïve and happy. Now she believes in completely different things like lousy ex-boyfriends, dead mothers, and alcoholic fathers who abandon you.

But everything changes when Grandpa dies and her mourning tears conjure Faris Nasser, a sensual creature she’s been warned never to trust. She’s desperate to dismiss the fiend but agonizes over the right wishes. Meanwhile, he tries to prolong his freedom by seducing her with his magic and sexy looks. However, she knows better than to trust romantic advances, much less from arrogant mythical beings. What she doesn’t know is that she’s become part of a mortal conflict between two spell-bound Djinn, each seeking to regain freedom by breaking their curse. Though Zet, Faris’s Djinn brother, also wants revenge, which involves killing Marielle.

Determined to stay alive, she devises a plan to defeat Zet. But when Zet kidnaps her best friend, she’s faced with the difficult choice: save Faris from eternal imprisonment or save her best friend from certain death.

Sounds good, right? The book is scheduled for release on 7th February 2017 but you can win your own paperback copy by clicking the link below:



Cover Reveal – The Graces

The Graces Promo

Eeee! Well, I told you that I’d be able to share some more information about The Graces soon and here it is! I’m a bit in love with this cover. It’s got a real retro feel to it and, following the note that I received last week, I’m now even more curious as to how the shells factor into the plot.


Cover Reveal – Rebel of the Sands


Wow, I’ve never hosted a cover reveal before but this feels like the best possible time to start.

If you’ve followed this blog or my twitter feed for a while, you might of heard me talking about Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. The book isn’t due out until February 2016 but I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first couple of chapters and, needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it.

Now I’ve seen the cover, I’m even more psyched. Click on the picture below if you want to see it in its full glory:


It’s so pretty! I understand the gold bits will be be foiled on the final book too so it’ll be even more shiny. I’m not usually the sort to use reaction pics but I think that this one expresses my feelings right now better than words ever could:

Steven UniverseRoll on February!

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