Cruel Crown

Cruel Crown

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for Red Queen. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Cruel Crown is an anthology that was written by Victoria Aveyard and first published in 2016. It collects the short stories Queen Song (2015) and Steel Scars (2016), as well as the first four chapters of Glass Sword. The stories are both set within the universe of the Red Queen, a world where ordinary humans (Reds) are slaved by a race of people with super powers (Silvers). While the short stories are prequels, they are designed to be read between Red Queen (2015) and Glass Sword (2016).

Queen Song reveals entries from the secret diary of Coriane, daughter to the House Jacos and mother of Prince Cal. The story follows her from her early teens, growing up in isolation with only her brother Julian and best friend Sara for company. When she meets Tiberias, heir to the Nortan throne, she finally experiences true happiness. However, as Tibe proposes to her, she finally learns how dangerous Silver society really is.

Steel Scars follows Diana Farley, a young captain in the Scarlet Guard, as she receives her first real mission. Farley’s job is to lead a covert team around Norta, forming a web of contacts that can be trusted to traffic people, arms and secrets behind enemy lines. However, her plans start to derail as she meets a deserter by the name of Shade Barrow. Shade has a secret, one that Farley believes could turn the tide against the Silvers once and for all.


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