Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Demon Road. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Desolation was written by Derek Landy and first published in 2016. It’s a horror novel that follows Amber’s continuing escape across America as she tries to avoid both her parents and the Hounds of Hell. The novel is the second part of the The Demon Road Trilogy and follows on directly from the events of Demon Road (2015), so you really need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Amber and Milo are on the run. The Shining Demon hasn’t taken Amber’s treachery lightly and has now pulled out all the stops to claim her soul. Not only has he made deals with every serial killer in America, promising them their heart’s desires in return for Amber, but he has also unleashed the Hounds of Hell. The demonic biker gang exist to follow his orders and will never rest until they have tracked Amber down.

The only safe place for them now is the Alaskan town of Desolation Hill, a place surrounded by a magical barrier that blocks the Shining Demon’s power. However, the town is not without its secrets. Everyone who lives there seems to be a little too friendly with each other and unwelcoming to outsiders. Amber also soon learns that a festival – Hell Night – is about to take place and no strangers will be allowed to stay in the town over that period.

As Amber and Milo explore the town they begin to uncover a sinister mystery spanning two hundred years, one that hinges on annual child disappearances and the presence of a sinister figure called the Narrow Man. They also join forces with a team of paranormal investigators who have come to Desolation Hill to investigate the same happenings. They only have a few nights to discover the true secret of the town and how it ties back to the Shining Demon because, once Hell Night falls, they might never be able to leave the town again…


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