Halfway Heroes

Halfway Heroes

Halfway Heroes was first published in 2014 and is the debut novel of Dustin Martin. It is a science-fiction story that focuses on a pair of super-powered teenagers as they adapt to using their new found abilities. The novel is the first part of a planned trilogy, although at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Lydia and Mark are two wholly unremarkable teenagers until they are involved in an accident during a field trip to Rooke Pharmaceuticals. A mixture of chemicals douse them both and soon after they discover that they have developed strange abilities. Lydia becomes super strong, able to stop a speeding car with her bare hands, while Mark’s skin becomes resistant to all physical damage. While the two of them quickly discover the limitations of their gifts, it is still clear that the chemicals have given them powers far beyond the norm.

It is not long before Lydia is approached by Arthur, a mysterious agent working for the Government, who spirits her away to a hidden facility called the Cave. This base serves the dual function of teaching gifted teenagers (known as Biologically Enhanced People or BEPs) how to harness their powers while also training all those willing to become secret agents. At the same time, Mark meets with Rooke and is offered a job in return for allowing himself to be studied.

It is not long before the two teenagers learn the consequences of their choices. The world is full of BEPs, living in secret, and not all of them use their powers for the good of mankind. Lydia and Mark soon discover that because of their new allegiances they are now enemies. It is not long before the two are forced to face each other in battle. When their personal ethics begin to conflict with the expectations now placed on them, will they chose to save lives or end them?


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