Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to all the fantastic books that I’ll discover over the next twelve months!

For today’s review I’m going to be looking at Ann Aguirre’s debut young adult novel, Enclave. It was first published in 2010 and won the 2012 RITA for Best Young Adult Romance. Enclave is a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel and forms the first part of the Razorland Trilogy. It is followed by Outpost (2012) and Horde (2013).

In the underground settlement of the College Enclave, man has survived the destruction of the surface world through a strict hierarchy. Depending on their physical attributes and personality, people are assigned jobs as breeders, builders or hunters and only the strong are permitted to survive. Enforcing these rules is the only thing that has saved them from starvation, disease and death at the claws of the deformed Freaks that roam the disused subway tunnels.

Despite the fact that her strong genes would make her a good breeder, Deuce has always been certain of one thing – she wants to become a hunter. As her naming day passes, she is finally given her chance. Teamed with Fade, an outsider in her community, she begins to patrol the tunnels in search of food.

It is only on her second day as a hunter that she discovers a small boy from the neighbouring settlement. He brings a dire warning – the Freaks have grown smarter and have wiped out his home. As Deuce and Fade return to their elders with this knowledge, they discover that it falls on deaf ears. Their society suits them well and they are unwilling to change any aspect of it against a threat that they do not believe possible.

Yet Deuce is gradually growing suspicious of her elder’s actions. Through her friendship with Fade, she begins to see that they are not as just as she once believed. When she finds herself exiled for a crime that she did not commit, Deuce discovers the extent of their lies. There is a surface world and it’s more dangerous than anything that she could ever have imagined.


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