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Ouroboros was written by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge and first published in 2018. It is an urban fantasy story, which focuses on two fae princess on a mission to stop deadly creatures from manifesting on earth. The novel forms the second part of the Circuit Fae series and carries on from shortly after Moribund (2017) left off, so you really need to read the books in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Now that Syl has awakened, she needs to learn how to control her magical powers. The threat of the Moribund still lingers over her home town. Before Agravaine died, he planted an unknown number of eggs around the city. If these aren’t found and destroyed, they quickly start to hatch out into Ouroboros – terrifying Moribund constructs that exist to infect and devour. With Rouen at her side, she spends her nights hunting down the Ouroboros. However, their mission is hindered by an unexpected complication.

As Syl is a Light Fae and Rouen is a Dark Fae, their powers are fatal to one another. To make things worse, Rouen’s touch automatically causes Syl’s powers to blaze out of control as they instinctively lash out to purify the darkness. The only way that Rouen can hope to withstand Syl’s power is by forming a soul-bond with her but that is impossible. To form a soul-bond, she would either need to best her father in a duel and become queen, or drain a Light Fae princess’s blood.

Things grow more complicated still as they are targeted by enemies both old and new. Fiann has returned to school and is as crazy as ever. She still wants to be the queen of the Dark Fae and puts a dangerous plan in motion to ensure that this comes to pass. At the same time, Syl is approached by a Light Fae prince named Aldebaran. He claims that she has been promised to him, and if they don’t become soul-bound soon it will spell the end to the Light Fae. Syl and Rouen though that their troubles would end with Agravaine’s death, but things have just become much more complicated…



Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow was written by Jessica Townsend and first published in 2017. It is a fantasy middle grade novel about a young girl who must pass four trials to gain membership of an elite organisation. The book forms the first part of the Nevermoor series and its sequel – provisionally titled Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow – is expected to be released later this year.

Morrigan Crow has not had a happy life. As a cursed child, she brings nothing but misery to those around her and knows that she is fated to die on the eve of Eventide, which is due to fall on her twelfth birthday. Unluckily for Morrigan, fate has other ideas. When Eventide unexpectedly falls a year early, she suddenly finds herself face to face with the terrifying Hunt of Smoke and Shadow.

However, Morrigan is rescued by an eccentric gentleman by the name of Jupiter North. Jupiter has selected Morrigan to be his first ever apprentice and he intends to enter her in the trials to become a member of the mysterious Wunder Society – an organisation of talented individuals who reside in the fantastical city of Nevermoor.

While Morrigan is thrilled to have escaped her fate, she soon realises that this may just be a stay of execution. She must compete for one of nice places against hundreds of other young applicants, all whom are more familiar with the oddities of Nevermoor than she is. If she fails at any point, she will be deported back to her home world and have to face the Hunt again. To make matters worse, every applicant must be able to prove that they have a special and useful talent. Unfortunately for Morrigan, she knows that she does not have one…


Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone was written by Tomi Adeyemi and first published in 2018. It is a West African-inspired fantasy novel which focuses on three teenagers on a mission to bring magic back to the world. The novel forms the first part of the Legacy of Orïsha series, though at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

At one time, the maji were revered. They served as a connection between the powerless kosidán and the pantheon of deities that granted them the gift of magic. Everything changed on the day that magic left the world. King Saran was quick to seize control of the situations. As maji destroyed his family, he took his revenge by wiping out all of the adult maji, leaving only their children – ones who had never known the feel of magic – to live out their lives as second-class citizens.

Zélie was one such child. She once yearned to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a Reaper – a maji with power over the dead. Yet now her mother has been lynched and her father struggles to pay his ever increasing taxes. In a bid to help him, Zélie and her brother Tzain head to market to trade fish. It is there that they encounter Amari – the daughter of the King – who carries with her a strange scroll. Amari has grown tired of her father’s tyranny and stolen the one item that could have the power to bring magic back.

With scroll in hand, the three head off on a mission that will take them to the far reaches of the country. If they are successful, magic will be restored to the world and the maji will finally have a chance to overthrow their oppressors. However, it will not be easy. Lead by Amari’s brother Inan, the King’s army hounds their every step. Inan will stop at nothing to destroy the scroll and anyone carrying it, because he hides a deadly secret of his own…


Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords was written by Laura Ellen Anderson and first published in 2018. It’s a middle grade fantasy novel, set it a world populated by friendly monsters. The novel is the second book of the Amelia Fang series and carries on exactly where Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball (2017) left off. Due to this, I would recommend that you read these novels in sequence in order to have a full appreciation of what’s going on.

Now that they know that there is nothing to fear from the Creatures of the Light, Amelia and her friends prepare to travel to their strange lands in search of Fairyweather La Floofle, Prince Tangine’s long-lost mother. However, they know that they must travel in disguise. The Creatures of the Light are just as afraid of them and will certainly run away in fright if they see a vampire, a grim reaper and a rare breed of yeti wandering through the forest.

The Kingdom of the Light is like nothing that they have ever seen before. Creatures sleep at night, wells grant wishes and every meal is full of sugar. After befriending a leprechaun named McSparkle, they learn that Fairyweather isn’t the only missing creature. A number of others have also recently disappeared and the Unicorn Lords are blaming the Creatures of the Dark.

To get to the root of the problem, they travel to dazzling city of Glitteropolis where they uncover a shocking plot to spread fear across the lands. Can they possibly rescue Tangine’s mother without giving their identities away?


The Witch’s Blood

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier instalment of this series. You can read my reviews of these novels [here] and [here].

The Witch’s Blood was written by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr and is due for release later this month. It forms the final part of The Witch’s Kiss Trilogy, focusing on Merry’s continuing mission to free her brother from the influence of an evil wizard. As this story carries on directly from where The Witch’s Kiss (2016) and The Witch’s Tears (2017) left off, I would recommend reading the novels in sequence to have a full grasp of what is going on.

Although the coven was against it, Merry refused to believe that Leo could be dead. Using forbidden blood magic, Merry and Finn followed Ronan through the intersection and found themselves in a strange world. Although it shares some similarities with the world of Jack’s stories, the land is filled with legendary beasts and Ronan’s army of mesmerised humans is slowly starting to seize control of everything.

With the help of this world’s Jack and Meredith, they begin a frantic hunt for Ronan. They know that their time is limited as the wizard is now completely unhinged. It can’t be long before he either turns on Leo or condemns him to a life as the new King of Hearts. However, Merry slowly starts to realise that their magic has taken a terrible toll on the world. Reality is slowly starting to warp, and their hasty spells can be the only cause.

The affects of their magic are also beginning to spread through Merry’s world. People are being attacked and killed by things that should not exist, and black holly bushes are beginning to sprout around the lake. If Merry can’t defeat Ronan soon, the boundary between the worlds will crumble. Yet the cost of repairing the damage could be more than she is prepared to pay…


The Witch’s Tears

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for The Witch’s Kiss. You can read my review of this novel [here].

The Witch’s Tears was written by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr and first published in 2017. It focuses on the continuing adventures of a teenage witch, as she struggles to overcome the death of someone she cared about and learn how to control her powers. The novel follows on shortly after its prequel – The Witch’s Kiss (2016) – left off, and so you really do need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them. The final instalment of the trilogy, The Witch’s Blood, is due for release next month.

Merry still has nightmares about the battle beneath the lake and the terrible sacrifice that she was forced to make. She had believed that everything would get better after Gwydion was destroyed, but that has not happened. She still struggles to perform even the simplest of spells and is growing increasingly isolated by the Coven, many of whom view her as a freak and a danger to them all. Worse still Leo has begun to isolate himself following Dan’s death, straining his friendship with Merry.

When Leo is savagely attacked by a former friend, he is fortunately saved by a mysterious wanderer named Ronan. When Ronan reveals himself to be a wizard, Merry is instantly suspicious of him. Her Gran has always told her the wizards are not to be trusted and her experiences with Gwydion seem to have proven that. However, Ronan makes Leo the happiest he has been in a long time and so Merry agrees not to tell their mother about him.

However, something sinister is targeting members of the magical community. Someone is viciously killing powerful witches, with no seeming motivation or pattern to their attacks. Soon after, Merry’s Gran vanishes from her home and Merry fears the worse. The Coven take this opportunity to block Merry out altogether, refusing to allow her to help in the search. As the Coven show up no leads with their traditional magic, Merry realises that she has no choice but to use forbidden spells to help search for her Gran’s location. However, in doing so she risks her life and those of everyone that she holds dear…



Pinnacle was first published in 2018 and is Lynn Veevers’s debut novel. It is a paranormal romance that focuses on a magically gifted teenager who is targeted by a terrible monster. The book forms the first part of The Core series, though at the time of writing no future instalments have been announced.

Following the brutal murder of both of her parents, Kaya is forced to relocate to Oklahoma to live with her Aunt Di. However, it does not take her long to turn her life around. She falls in love with the handsome Kenneth and, following their first kiss, discovers that she possesses powerful magical abilities. As her parents belonged to different tribes, she manages to spark a wide variety of powers that range from telekinesis to animal transformation.

When she reveals her powers to Kenneth, he is equally thrilled. It turns out that Kenneth belongs to a family of Natural Lycans – people who can transform into a specific totem animal. As Lycans mate for life, Kenneth is starting to feel as though Kaya is his one and only. Naturally, Kaya finds this thrilling. She can’t believe that her first love has turned out to be her soulmate and she devotes herself into learning all that she can about his pack.

However, Kaya does not realise that she is in grave danger. As her powers grow, her magical core becomes more powerful. This unbridled energy acts as a beacon, attracting Afflicted Lycans – monsters who have been transformed forcibly into Lycans – who wish to feed off her. As the Afflicted Lycans possess an ability that nullifies magic powers, Kaya must rely on the protection of Kenneth and his family as they track down the alpha of the Afflicted pack and destroy her. Only then will Kaya be safe. More

Spotlight – Pinnacle

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Author:  Lynn Veevers

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Series:  The Core (#1)

Page Count: 298

Release Date: 6th February 2018


The Witch’s Kiss

The Witch’s Kiss was written by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr and first published in 2016. It is a contemporary set fantasy story, which focuses on a teenage witch who discovers that she has ties to an ancient curse. The novel forms the first part of The Witch’s Kiss series and is followed by The Witch’s Tears (2017). A third novel – The Witch’s Blood is due for release later this year.

Merry has been having a hard time. When her mother forbade her from learning witchcraft, she took it upon herself to learn a few spells. However, after a terrifying incident with a friend, she has been left with a fear of ever using her powers again. Unfortunately, her life is not so simple. Her untrained powers have been running wild and it’s getting increasingly difficult to hide.

When Merry and her older brother, Leo, hear a mysterious knocking in the attic, the two quickly discover a box which contains some ancient magical artefacts. Not long after, Merry has an odd encounter with a sword-wielding boy and knows that she has no choice but to approach her Gran’s coven for answers.

What Merry learns shocks her. Centuries before, her ancestor made a promise that her family would one day find a way to defeat a great evil. As the heir of the family, Merry has inherited this responsibility. The evil warlock Gwydion and his monstrous servant – the King of Hearts – are starting to awaken from their enchanted slumber. Only Merry can find a way to destroy them forever. However, she is young and untrained. What chance does she have against someone who has studied the dark arts for years?  More


Everless was first published in 2018 and is Sara Holland’s debut novel. It is a fantasy story about a girl trying to find out about her past in a world where time really is money. The book forms the first part of a planned series, though at the time of writing no future instalments have been announced.

For over five hundred years, time in the land of Sempera has been bound to blood. Coins are made from blood iron, and the process of extracting it comes at the cost of a person’s remaining life span. The result is that the rich can live for centuries, but the poor are forced to bleed themselves to death to afford their rent.

Realising that her father will soon run out of time, Jules Ember accepts a job as a maid at Everless – the sprawling estate of the Gerling family. The Gerling heir, Roan, is due to be wed to Ina Gold – the adopted daughter of the Queen – and so extra staff are needed to prepare for the big event. Yet for Jules, Everless is filled with danger. As a child, she witnessed Roan’s brother Liam commit an unforgivable crime and, if he recognises her, Jules knows that he will stop at nothing to ensure her silence.

However, Jules learns that there is also a great secret hidden within the city’s walls. The Lords and Ladies who live there can be cruel and unpredictable, but the Queen herself may be the worst of them all. Jules does not know if the rumours about her unnatural longevity are true, but slowly comes to realise that she might not be the only one in danger. The Queen’s previous heirs have all died in mysterious circumstances. Will Ina live long enough to take her place on the throne?


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