Fire in Frost

Fire in Frost

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Fire in Frost was written by Alicia Rades and first published in 2015. It is a paranormal fantasy novel about a teenager who discovers that she has psychic powers. The story is the first instalment of the Crystal Frost series but at the time of writing no future instalments have been announced.

Olivia Owen was a beloved member of the volleyball team until her death in a house fire. Although Crystal was not close to Olivia, she still found herself moved by the tragedy. When she starts to see the teenager’s ghost around the school, Crystal’s first thought is that it is a product of her over-active imagination but she soon realises the truth. Olivia has not passed over and she needs Crystal’s help.

Fearing that she is going insane, Crystal confides in her mother and learns the truth of her heritage. Her mother hoped that her psychic powers would skip a generation but Crystal has inherited them and more. While her mother is a clairvoyant, Crystal has also started to develop the ability to communicate with the dead. Crystal is both excited and worried about her new gifts and reveals her secret to only her best friends, Emma and Derek.

However, it is not long before the most popular girl in school – Justine – also discovers that Crystal has psychic powers and enlists her help. Justine has reason to believe that her best friend Kelli is being abused by her boyfriend, Nate. Realising that she has a duty to help others, Crystal begins to use her ability to search for proof to these claims. Yet doing so could well put her in danger. Nate is vicious and possessive and it is not long before he realises that Crystal is prying. Is it possible for Crystal to help both Olivia and Kelli, while still keeping her gifts a secret from people who could use them against her?

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