Gathering Deep

Gathering Deep

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Sweet Unrest. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Gathering Deep was written by Lisa Maxwell and first published in 2015. It is a sequel to Sweet Unrest (2014) and picks up two weeks after this novel left off. Although this book follows a different protagonist and so does stand-alone to a degree, I would still advise reading the stories in order if you want to fully appreciate them.

Chloe Sabourin has no memory of her time as Thisbe’s puppet but still struggles to come to terms with what happened. Although she didn’t have any control over herself, she still feels terrible about the part that she played in hurting Lucy and her family. She now knows that her mother was actually a dark witch who had survived centuries by harvesting Alex’s life force. Worse still, Thisbe has survived and put up wards to ensure that Chloe can’t return to her home. It’s clear that she’s still up to something.

When another body is found ritually slain, Chloe realises that her worst fears are justified. Thisbe is making more of the red thread and so must be looking for a new victim. However, her attempts to help stop her are blocked by Piers and Mama Legba. Even though she is free of Thisbe’s control, they still don’t trust her as they’re worried that the witch could take hold of her again.

Their fears are partially justified as Chloe begins to have vivid dreams about Thisbe’s youth, dreams that hark back to a time of rebellion and bloodshed. When Piers vanishes and the ingredients needed to summon a Loa disappear from Mama Legba’s shop, Chloe realises that the answers they need might just lie in her visions. But with the mambo unwilling to help her, Chloe is forced to seek out someone with darker powers to make sense of Thisbe’s past…


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