Girlgoyle was written by the fabulously named Better Hero Army and is due for release next week. It is a fantasy/horror story about a teenage girl being recruited as a ghost hunter following her own death. The novel is the first part of the Hollow Mountain Butterfly series and its sequel is currently cited for release in 2016. As this review is based on an ARC that I received from Netgalley, please note that it may not reflect the quality of the published work.

Tiffany Nobuo lived a happy life with her loving mother and father before she was mercilessly slain by Bones, an evil ghost. When she wakes up, she finds that she has lost everything that she held dear. She has been born again as a Gargoyle and now must live and work with others of her kind, hidden deep underground. As her rebirth has blessed her with wings, she is to be trained as a hunter – one who travels to the human world to protect its inhabitants from ghosts.

Tiffany finds it difficult to settle into her new life. The other girls in her dorm seem to be unnecessarily hostile and even her mentor, Franklin, tries to deter her from making friends with others. Yet she tries her best to learn more about how to use her powers and function as part of their society as she views it as her only chance of ever getting back to her family.

However, things are not that simple. In the surface world, Bones is growing increasingly powerful and is starting to recruit other ghosts into an army. His goal is to do something that no ghost has ever done before – to infiltrate the Hollow Mountain and destroy it from within…


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