Glass Sword

Glass Sword

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Red Queen. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Sorry for the delay in this review, it’s taken a bit longer to get over my cold than I expected and I wanted to ensure that I was able to do this story justice by giving it my full attention. Glass Sword was written by Victoria Aveyard and first published in 2016. It’s the sequel to the excellent Red Queen and picks up the story precisely where its prequel left off. Aveyard has also published a collection of two short stories under the title Cruel Crown which are designed to be read between Red Queen and Glass Sword.

Mare Barrow is finally free of her Silver oppressors. She and Cal were rescued by the Red Guard and spirited away to their safe haven. Mare is overjoyed to find that the rebels have rescued her entire family and ensured that they are healthy and comfortable, however her joy is short-lived. The Colonel has taken a severe disliking to Mare and has no desire to help her to find and rescue other Red-and-Silver fighters like herself.

When Mare discovers that the Colonel also plans to trade Cal back to Maven, she knows that she can’t stand by. Mounting a daring rescue, she flees into the night with Cal and a small group of her most loyal allies. She knows that it’s her duty to locate the other new-bloods and bring them together. They each possess powers that are completely unlike anything that the Silvers have ever experienced before, and Mare knows that this will turn the tide of the brewing war.

However, time is not on Mare’s side. Maven also knows the identities of the new-bloods and will stop at nothing to find and kill them all before they can be recruited. The king’s methods are growing increasingly cruel and he desires nothing more than to break the Little Lightning Girl. And it’s working. With every failed rescue, Mare’s heart is steadily growing colder. Will she be able to find the strength to spark a rebellion or will she find herself becoming as big a monster as her enemy?


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