Guardian of the Underworld

Guardian of the Underworld

It feels like it’s been a while since I took a look at some high fantasy so I think I should probably do something to change that. Guardian of the Underworld was first published in 2014 and is the debut novel of Rachel Tetley. It tells the story of a young boy and girl as they set out on a quest in a parallel world. The novel forms the first part of a planned series but at the time of writing no future instalments have been announced.

Eleven year old Jake Summers leads a happy and uncomplicated life until his world is rocked by the sudden death of his grandfather. He soon comes into the possession of the key to a room in his Grandpa’s home – the one room that he was told never to enter – and sets out to find out what secrets lie within.

Inside the room, he discovers shelves full of strange books and objects, including some that are undeniably magical. Jake quickly realises that all of the fairy stories his Grandpa always told were true. He was the High Keeper – the highest ranked guardian in charge of maintaining the balance between the human world and the underworld – and he had been training Jake to be his successor.

Unfortunately, Jake’s Grandpa’s death had been sudden and he had not had time to complete his initiation and Jake isn’t so sure that he wants to be a guardian anyway. Unfortunately, he is soon not left with a choice. Cerberus – his Grandpa’s killer – has decided to take the Five Trials needed to become the new High Keeper. He has also kidnapped the little sister of his friend Arianna in order to lure Jake to the underworld.

Jake knows that if Cerberus becomes the new High Keeper, the world is doomed. With help from Arianna and a strange creature called Noggin, he sets off to take the Five Trials for himself. But the way is dangerous and he is at a disadvantage to Cerberus, who has been training for years. Jake must muster all his strength and cunning to pass because if he fails, all of them will be trapped in the underworld forever.


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