How to Tame a Triceratops


How to Tame a Triceratops is Will Dare’s debut novel and is due for release in April of next year. It’s a fantasy chapter book, set in a world where people live alongside dinosaurs. While the novel is aimed at pre-teen readers, it can be readily enjoyed by anyone with a love of giant, scaly reptiles. It’s also the first part of a planned series, though at the time of writing no release date has been given for its sequel.

Josh Sanders wants nothing more than to be a lone dino rider. He loves hearing stories about his hero Terrordactyl Bill – the toughest rider to ever roam the Lost Plains. The only problem is that Josh lives on an iguanodon ranch. His free time is spent herding the smelly herbivores on his ancient gallimimus, Plodder. He knows he’ll never become a hero unless his parents buy him something far faster.

When his teacher announces that there is to be a dinosaur race, Josh knows that this is his chance. He’ll never be allowed to enter on Plodder but his parents are trusting him to take a few iguanodons to market. It’s the perfect chance for him to swap them for something faster. He can’t believe his luck when he’s approached by a man who seems eager to trade them for his huge triceratops. Josh knows that if he enters the race on such a powerful creature, he’s bound to win.

However, he quickly comes to realise that the seller may not have been entirely honest with him. The triceratops, who is called Charge, is wilful and disobedient. He won’t allow himself to be ridden and has no intention of following instructions. With the race only days away, Josh knows that he has to use all of his knowledge about dinosaurs to tame Charge. If he doesn’t, he’ll never prove to his family and friends that he’s a true dino rider.


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