In Darkling Wood

In Darkling Wood

Please note that the following review is based on an advanced reader copy that I received from the publisher and therefore may contain slight differences to the finished work.

In Darkling Wood was written by Emma Carroll and is due for release on 2nd July. It is a fantasy story suitable for middle graders and young teens which is loosely inspired by the Cottingley Faerie photographs. In Darkling Wood is the author’s third novel, yet is a stand-alone story and so you don’t need to have read Frost Hollow Hall or the The Girl Who Walked On Air to fully enjoy this book.

As her brother Theo is suddenly whisked into hospital for a heart transplant, Alice finds herself sent off to stay in the country with Nell, a Grandmother that she barely knows. With no internet or television, Alice quickly finds herself wishing that she was with the rest of the family but she soon changes her mind as she ventures into the dense forest that surrounds her Grandmother’s home.

It is in Darkling Wood that Alice meets Flo, a strange girl who believes that faeries live amongst the trees. Nell plans on having the entire wood cut down as the tree roots are damaging her home but Flo insists that doing so will anger the faeries, forcing them to extract their revenge. The only way to appease the faeries is to somehow stop the woods from being destroyed. Flo claims that Alice is the one who can do that but only if she believes in faeries.

Back in 1918, a little girl writes to her brother who has gone to war. She is sick of her mother’s attempts to make her behave like a lady as she would like nothing more than to spend her days playing in the woods. Yet her life is about to change. As she too discovers the faeries of Darkling Wood, she seeks to find a way to prove their existence to her family. However, some things are better left hidden…


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