The Emerald Atlas

The Emerald Atlas

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The Emerald Atlas was written by John Stephens and first published in 2011. It is the first part of the epic fantasy series The Books of Beginning and is followed by The Fire Chronicle (2012) and The Black Reckoning (2015). The novel follows three siblings as they discover that they are part of a magical prophecy.

Kate, Michael and Emma P have spent ten years being shepherded from orphanage to orphanage. Although only Kate remembers their parents, she knows that they are not dead. She dimly recalls the night that they were forced to leave them, running away with a mysterious stranger and promising that they will one day return. Now, it is this hope that keeps Kate going. She knows that their situation is only temporary and that her parents will keep their promise.

After proving unadoptable for the umpteenth time, the siblings are sent to live in Cambridge Falls. This dreary town is set deep in the mountains and seems to be entirely populated by miserable adults. Their new orphanage is no better – dark, creepy and run by a horrible housekeeper. To make matters worse, they discover that they are the only children living there and the orphanage’s owner – Dr Stanislaus Pym – is strangely absent.

As the children explore the mansion, they stumble across Dr Pym’s study and make the discovery that he is actually a wizard. Inside, they come across a strange book with blank pages and an emerald green cover. They soon find that the book is magical. By putting a photograph in its pages, they can travel to the time and location where the picture was taken. Using the book, they travel back in time by fifteen years to discover what tragedy befell Cambridge Falls and if there is a way to save the town’s children from their horrible fate.


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