Soul of the Sword

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for Shadow of the Fox. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Soul of the Sword was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2019. It is the second part of the Shadow of the Fox Trilogy, continuing Yumeko’s quest to deliver a fragment of the legendary Dragon scroll to the Steel Feather Temple. As the novel carries on directly where Shadow of the Fox (2018) left off, you really do need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Although Yumeko and her allies managed to defeat Lady Satomi’s forces, their victory came at a terrible cost. Hakaimono has escaped imprisonment from within Kamigoroshi and has completely taken over Tatsumi. The former demonslayer is now a prisoner in his own body, forced to watch as the monster exacts its bloody revenge on the Kage clan.

Although she is desperate to save Tatsumi, Yumeko does not know where to begin. Hakaimono is too powerful to be expelled by an exorcism and would surely rip apart anyone who tried. Yet a mysterious silver fox appears to her in a dream with a solution. If she can master the dark art of kitsune-tsuki – fox possession – she will be able to drive out Hakaimono from within.

Yet saving Tatsumi is not her biggest priority. Yumeko’s piece of the Dragon scroll still must be delivered to the Steel Feather Temple for safe keeping. The trouble is, no one knows precisely where the temple is hidden. Will Yumeko and her friends be able to uncover its location, or will Genno’s army of yōkai, witches and oni find them first…


Shadow of the Fox

Shadow of the Fox was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2018. It is a fantasy novel based around Japanese mythology, which focuses on a half-yōkai and assassin who team up to find a legendary artefact. The novel forms the first part of a planned trilogy and its sequel, provisionally titled Soul of the Sword, is expected to be released next year.

Yumeko knows nothing about the world that lies outside of the Silent Winds temple. As a half-kitsune (fox spirit), she knows that she is lucky to have found a home with the monks. Although she suffers from an insatiable urge to use her magic to play tricks on people, the monks at least tolerate her behaviour. In the outside world, most people would never trust someone with yōkai blood.

Yet, when her adoptive family is slain by demons, Yumeko has no choice but to leave her home. The head monk entrusts her with the greatest secret of the temple – a fragment of an ancient scroll. Legends say that if a person obtains all three pieces, they will be able to summon a powerful dragon and ask it for one wish. Knowing that this is what the demons seek, Yumeko sets off on a dangerous mission to locate the rest of the scroll. But she is not alone.

Tatsumi is the Kage demonslayer – a shinobi who is fated wield the cursed sword Kamigoroshi. The head of his clan also has her eyes on the scroll and has ordered him to retrieve the fragment from the Silent Winds temple at any cost. However, Yumeko is quick to use this to her advantage. Pretending that she does not know where the scroll is, she tells Tatsumi that she can take him to the place where it is kept. Tatsumi has no choice to join her on her journey as her bodyguard, but Yumeko knows that she is playing with fire. What will happen if Tatsumi discovers that she is one of the monsters that he has been trained to hunt? Or, worse still, what will he do if he finds out that the scroll fragment is in her possession…



Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier instalments of this series. You can read my reviews of these novels by clicking the links below:

Talon | Rogue | Soldier | Legion

Inferno was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2018. It is a paranormal story with elements of romance set in a world where shape-shifted dragons live among us in secret. The novel forms the final part of The Talon Saga, following after Talon (2014), Rogue (2015), Soldier (2016) and Legion (2017). Because of this, you really do need to read the novels in sequence to have any idea of what is going on.

The final battle has begun. Although Ember and the rogue dragons managed to defend the Western Chapterhouse, the Order of Saint George was still decimated by the Vessels. Without their skills and weapons, it seems certain that Talon will bring the human world to its knees. However, when all hope is lost, the rogues learn that they have an ally in an unexpected place. One who also has no love for the Elder Wyrm.

Their new benefactor is not willing to risk himself directly but does give the rogues a vital piece of information – the location of the facility where the breeder dragons are kept. For Riley, this is a dream come true. Not only can he finally achieve his goal of liberating the captive females but he is certain that they will want to join their cause to have revenge on Talon.

But rescuing them will not be easy. The facility is on a remote island, protected by soldiers and adult dragons. To make matters worse, the Elder Wyrm is planning her final strike and recognises that the rogues and remaining members of the Order are the only things that stand in her way. She sets in motion a plan to destroy them all. How can Ember’s band of hatchlings and humans hope to withstand the terrifying might of a dragon who is hundreds of years old?



Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier instalments of this series. You can read my reviews of these novels [here], [here] and [here].

Legion was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2017. It is the fourth instalment of The Talon Saga, raising the stakes as Talon finally reveals their terrible plan for world domination. As this novel follows on directly where Talon (2014), Rogue (2015) and Soldier (2016) left off, I’d recommend reading the novels in sequence if you want to have any idea of what’s going on.

The Patriarch has been defeated and the Order has fallen into disarray, but it came at a terrible cost. Garret won the duel but still fell to his treacherous commander’s blade. As he bled to death in the middle of nowhere, his salvation came from an unexpected person. Riley offers his blood for transfusion, saving Garret’s life. However, the implications for him doing this are unknown. Garret is a human and Riley is a dragon. There is no way of knowing if he will survive, or what will become of him if he does.

However, Ember and the Rogues do not have time to find out. When a small town is wiped out in a sudden accident, they know that Talon must have something to do with it. What they discover chills them to the core. Talon have completed their army of Vessels – soulless clones bred purely for war – and Dante will be the one to dispatch them to destroy the last vestiges of the Order.

Ember knows that they must stop them, even if it means forging an alliance with their enemy. However, the Vessels aren’t the only threat. When she is taken captive by Dante, she meets the Elder Wyrm for the first time and learns of her true plan. Ember has a vital role to play in the Elder Wyrm’s schemes – one that will mean a fate worse than death for her…




Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier instalments of this series. You can read my reviews of these novels [here] and [here].

Soldier was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2016. It is the third novel in The Talon Saga and follows Ember, Garret, Riley and Wes as they continue to battle against both Talon and St George. The story follows on directly from where Talon (2014) and Rogue (2015) left off and so you really need to read the books in order to fully appreciate them.

Following his split from Ember, Garret travels to London to pursue his suspicion that something is not right within the Order of St George. What he finds shocks him. The Patriarch – the highest ranked soldier of the Order – is taking orders directly from Talon. While the Patriarch justifies his treasonous behaviour, he does not realise that he is being played by the dragons. Talon are using him to target rogues and dissidents, making their organisation stronger than ever.

When Garret learns that St George have been directed towards Ember and Riley, he rushes back to America to help his friends escape a deadly trap. But doing so reawakens feelings that he would sooner put behind him. Try as he might to get over Ember, he still loves her dearly. Ember is also torn in half by her feelings. Although the dragon in her yearns for Riley, there is something about Garret that still confuses her deeply.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Talon is putting its master plan into action. Dante has been put in charge of managing the vessels – an army of dragon clones. The creatures have been bred to follow orders to the letter but possess no free will or empathy of them own. With their clone army and St George under their thumb, Talon is stronger than ever and will soon be able to take control of the world…




Please note that this review may contain spoilers for is prequel, Talon. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Rogue was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2015. It forms the second part of The Talon Saga and is preceded by Talon (2014). The third book in the series, Solider, is due for release next month. Rogue picks up exactly where Talon left off, so you really need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Ember Hill has gone rogue. Following her discovery of how Talon treated its failures, she has gone on the run with Riley and small band of rebels. However, she can’t just forget Garret. Even though he’s part of the Order of Saint George – the sworn enemies of her kind – he sacrificed everything in order to allow her to escape. Riley and the others don’t seem to care if he lives or dies but Ember knows that she has to help him. She owes him that much at least.

On learning that Garret has been sentenced to death by firing squad, Ember and Riley plan a dangerous rescue mission. The only way to save Garret is break into one of Saint George’s heavily fortified bases. If they fail, this means instant death at the hands of fully trained dragonslayers. If they succeed, they will be forced to live a life on the run, knowing that Saint George will never stop pursuing them.

Yet Saint George are not their only problem. Talon is not pleased to have lost Ember as they had such big plans for her. However, Dante has proven his loyalty to them. When Talon give him the important mission of rescuing Ember, he jumps at the chance to show that he is not a traitor like his sister. He firmly believes that Ember has naively allowed herself to be seduced by a terrorist and now has the resources at his fingertips to bring her back into Talon’s clutches…




Talon was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2014. It is a paranormal romance story which focuses on a young dragon as she experiences life as a human for the very first time. The book is the first instalment of The Talon Saga and is followed by Rogue (2015). A second sequel, provisionally titled Soldier, is expected to be released next year.

Ember Hill and her twin brother, Dante, have just reached a vital part of their training. For most of their lives, they have been restricted to a Talon compound, learning about humans so that they will be eventually able to hide among them. Now, that day is finally here. Their first mission is to spend the summer in a Californian beach resort, befriending humans and learning to imitate them.

It sounds like fun and games but a dragon’s life is never so easy. Ember is now forced to balance her new found human freedoms with strict combat training. Her instructor is always quick to remind her that she is not one of them. Dragons are predators, humans are prey. Her job is to learn how to manipulate them to her advantage.

But there are humans that pose a threat to Talon. The Order of St George have taken it upon themselves to wipe them out. To further this end, Garret Xavier Sebastian is sent to California in order to root out and destroy Ember. He’s grown up believing that dragons are monsters but Ember’s passion and courage soon gives him pause for thought. Yet when a rogue dragon also appears at the resort, everything changes. Suddenly all that Ember once knew – Talon, St George, humans – is thrown into doubt. She must decide which path she wishes to tread but it’s not an easy choice to make. No matter who she sides with, the others will surely want her dead…


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