Shattered Blue

Shattered Blue

Shattered Blue was written by Lauren Bird Horowitz and first published in 2015. It is a paranormal romance novel which focuses on a teenage girl who finds herself inexplicably drawn to a handsome newcomer at her school. The novel forms the first part of The Light Trilogy, though at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced. Please also note that this review is based on an advanced copy that I received from Netgalley and so there may be some differences between it and the published work.

Noa is about to start a new school year but this time will be doing so alone. She is still recovering from the tragic death of her twin sister, Isla, and is trying her best to remain strong for the sake of her family. Although she initially struggles to get by, things change when she sets eyes on Callum. Beautiful and mysterious, she falls for him at first sight. Trouble is that Callum seems to want to have nothing to do with her.

Yet Noa perseveres and soon manages to snag a first date with Callum. During the date, she can’t help but notice his strange behaviour. He goes out of his way to avoid touching her and is very reluctant to discuss his family. However, when Noa witnesses his ability to heal with a touch, she quickly finds out why. Callum is a fae who has been banished from his home world.

It’s not long before Noa’s life begins to fall apart. An accident at school almost leads to the death of her two friends. As the accident coincides with the arrival of Judah, Callum’s rebellious younger brother, it seems as though he is the most likely culprit. Yet Judah professes his innocence which can only mean one thing. There must be other fae on Earth, ones that mean harm to Callum and all those who know his secret…


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