Flame and Fury

Flame and Fury was written by Lisa Gail Green and first published in 2017. It is an urban fantasy story which is loosely inspired by Arthurian legends. The novel forms the first part of the Merlin’s Legacy series, though at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Aedan has a secret. For his whole life, he has struggled to control terrible fire magic and it has already cost him three people that he cared about. In order to prevent any further deaths, he distances himself from others and keeps himself to himself. That is, until his adoptive mother arranges for him to tutor Maya in mathematics. It’s not long before Aedan finds himself falling for Maya and she makes it clear that the feeling is mutual.

However, Maya is also hiding a secret. She is a member of an ancient order known as the Circle and has been groomed her whole life to seek out and destroy “elementals”. These soulless beings are born once every two hundred years and, if left to their own devices, will unite to destroy the world. Maya has narrowed down the identity of the fire elemental to five teenagers, and one of those is Aedan.

It’s not long before Aedan is approached by another elemental – Kari – and starts to learn the truth about his powers. Kari belongs to another cult – Scimitar – which plans to bring the four elementals together on the coming Equinox. Although Kari has been long prepared for the role that she will play in apocalypse, Aedan is unconvinced. He loves his family and does not want any harm to come to them. Yet will this be enough to overcome the reason for his birth and the tantalising draw of dark magic…


Soul Corrupted

Soul Corrupted

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Soul Crossed. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Soul Corrupted was written by Lisa Gail Green and first published in 2015. It follows the continuing trials of Grace and Josh as they try to protect the world by preventing the coming of the Antichrist. The book forms the second part of the Of Demons and Angels series and follows directly on from where Soul Crossed (2014) left off, so you really need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

For Grace, Heaven is far from being paradise. Now that she’s been given permission to watch over her family, she can see how her death has destroyed them. Her parents busy themselves in their work and her brother, Noah, has started down a destructive path. Grace knows that if he doesn’t see the light he will soon earn his place in Hell but Mr Griffiths forbids her from interfering. A soul can’t be saved unless they ask for it and so it’s not an angel’s job to interfere with human free will.

Her family issues also put a strain on her relationship with Josh. She’s still unable to put the past behind her. Even though Josh saved her life, she still remembers how he caused her to fall in the first place. Desperate to make things up to Grace, Josh tries to think of a way that he can save Noah. Even if it means doing the unthinkable and dealing with Lucifer once again to ensure his safety.

Lucifer’s deal is devastating, agreeing to Josh’s terms only if he breaks up with Grace. This final betrayal is enough to push Grace over the edge into a full breakdown. To make it worse, it happens at a time when two potential Antichrists suddenly appear. Now that Grace and Josh are separated, it seems harder than ever to save the world while sticking to Heaven’s rigid rules. But to break them invites severe consequences…


Soul Crossed

Soul Crossed

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Soul Crossed was written by Lisa Gail Green and first published in 2015. It is a paranormal romance story that focuses on the forbidden love between an angel and a demon. It is the first book of the Of Demons and Angels series and its sequel, Soul Corrupted, is expected to be released later this year.

Sixteen year old Josh is not overly surprised when he finds himself in Hell. He has lived a life of sin – drink, drugs and general debauchery – and so there was no way that he would wind up anywhere else. Although most sinners find themselves in eternal torment, Lucifer shows an interest in Josh and offers him an alternative. The Antichrist has appeared on Earth in the form of a teenage boy called Cam and Lucifer wants Josh to push the teenager further into a life of unforgivable evil.

At the same time, Grace awakens to find herself in Heaven. Her life has been tragically cut short by a drunken driver and she initially has trouble adapting to her new state of being but is offered a chance to see her family again. If she becomes an angel and uses her abilities to save the Antichrist’s soul, she will gain her wings and permission to use them to visit her parents.

Their missions quickly cause Josh and Grace to cross paths and they soon find that they are attracted to one another. However, this makes things even more complicated. It is forbidden for an angel and a demon to be together and pursuing such a relationship has serious consequences. Added to this is the fact that only one of them can claim the Antichrist’s soul. If Josh fails, he will face the wrath of Lucifer and the tortures of Hell. If Grace fails, it could mean the end of all life on the planet…

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