Courting Death

Courting Death

Courting Death was first published in 2014 and is Livia Hardy’s debut novel. It’s a short horror novella about a teenage adrenaline junkie. The book is a stand-alone story and is only 63 pages long in its paperback format so therefore makes a light, quick read for teenagers.

Alex has always been addicted to the thrill that comes from dodging traffic in the road but his need has grown worse since the death of his best friend, Jay. His parents have grown distant from him, believing him to be partially responsible for her accident, and now Alex only feels excited when he is cheating death. Unfortunately, Death has plans for him.

Seeing no challenge in taking someone who is suicidal, Death decides to find a way to give Alex the joy of life back. He knows that he needs to find something that Alex can’t live without – something that will make him rethink his actions and realise that death is something to be feared. Once that happens, Death will claim him.

But Alex will not be easy to convince. His lust for danger far outweighs his fear. In order to convince him, Death will need to call on favours from some of his most trusted allies…


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