The Sin Eater’s Daughter

The Sin Eater's Daughter

Today’s entry is a particularly special one as it marks the 100th review posted on this site. Thank-you very much to you all for your continued support, book recommendations and feedback and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading our next hundred reviews!

I don’t often get a chance to review brand new novels (unless they are kindly donated to me) as I simply can’t afford to buy them but as this post is special, I thought I would make an exception and take a look at a book that has only just been released. The Sin Eater’s Daughter is Melinda Salisbury’s debut novel and was published on the 5th February 2015. It is a high fantasy story about girl of low birth who has been groomed to become the next Queen of a struggling nation. The novel is intended to be the first part of a trilogy, but at the time of writing no details about future instalments have been released.

Seventeen year old Twylla lives a life that most girls would dream of. Although she was the lowly daughter of the local Sin Eater, she was invited to live in the castle when the Queen recognised her red hair as a sign that she was the Daunen Embodied – a reincarnation of the daughter of Night and Day. Leaving her life of poverty behind, Twylla accepted a place in the Queen’s court as the future bride of Prince Merek and in return the Queen agreed to ensure that her sister was well provided for.

However, Twylla quickly learned that her position had a dark secret. To prove that she had the favour of the Gods, she had to undertake a monthly ritual in which she ingested a vial of a deadly poison and survived. The side effect was that the poison infused her skin, offering a swift and bloody death to anyone who ever touched her. To show respect to her “mother”, the Goddess of Night, the Queen ordered that Twylla use this ability to execute traitors to the realm.

The weight of her position slowly sapped Twylla’s spirit, leaving her withdrawn and isolated from her peers. It is not until the Queen assigns her a new guard – a young and outspoken man named Lief – that she begins to slowly realise the extent of her dissatisfaction, yet does not know what she can do to escape her situation. However, the Queen grows crueller with each passing day and Twylla knows that if she does not flee soon she will be wedded to Merek and bound to the royal family forever.


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