Perijee and Me

Perijee and Me

Perijee and Me was written by Ross Montgomery and first published in 2016. It tells the heart-warming story of a little girl who befriends an alien that washes up on the beach. The novel stands alone and so you don’t have to read any of Montgomery’s other work to fully appreciate it. This review is based on a copy that was provided to me by Faber & Faber.

Caitlin leads a very lonely existence. Although she desperately tries to make friends, the kids at school tease her mercilessly because she can’t read very well. Even her parents don’t really understand her dyslexia. As they’re both scientists, they want their girl to be just like them and never seem to really understand that she’s trying her best.

Everything changes on the night after a huge storm when Caitlin finds a strange white prawn on the beach. She rescues the struggling creature in the hope that she can raise it and is shocked to discover that it has the ability to shapeshift. As the creature eventually settles in a humanoid form, Caitlin names it Perijee and decides to try and help it learn about the world. However, Perijee’s hunger turns out to be insatiable and he grows bigger with every meal.

Caitlin loves Perijee like a brother but her parents don’t understand. In a misguided attempt to protect her daughter, her Mum calls the military. It’s then that everything changes. The terrified Perijee grows a hundred feet tall and attacks the capital city. Although the whole world hates and fears the Monster, Caitlin remembers him as he used to be. She sets off on a daring quest to reunite with Perijee to calm him down…


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