Please note that this review may contain spoilers for is prequel, Talon. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Rogue was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2015. It forms the second part of The Talon Saga and is preceded by Talon (2014). The third book in the series, Solider, is due for release next month. Rogue picks up exactly where Talon left off, so you really need to read the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Ember Hill has gone rogue. Following her discovery of how Talon treated its failures, she has gone on the run with Riley and small band of rebels. However, she can’t just forget Garret. Even though he’s part of the Order of Saint George – the sworn enemies of her kind – he sacrificed everything in order to allow her to escape. Riley and the others don’t seem to care if he lives or dies but Ember knows that she has to help him. She owes him that much at least.

On learning that Garret has been sentenced to death by firing squad, Ember and Riley plan a dangerous rescue mission. The only way to save Garret is break into one of Saint George’s heavily fortified bases. If they fail, this means instant death at the hands of fully trained dragonslayers. If they succeed, they will be forced to live a life on the run, knowing that Saint George will never stop pursuing them.

Yet Saint George are not their only problem. Talon is not pleased to have lost Ember as they had such big plans for her. However, Dante has proven his loyalty to them. When Talon give him the important mission of rescuing Ember, he jumps at the chance to show that he is not a traitor like his sister. He firmly believes that Ember has naively allowed herself to be seduced by a terrorist and now has the resources at his fingertips to bring her back into Talon’s clutches…


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