I’ve reviewed quite a few fantasy novels lately. Now for something a little different.

Rush was written by Eve Silver and first published in 2013. It blends horror, paranormal romance and science fiction elements to tell the story of a teenage girl who is dragged into a war against an invading alien race. The novel forms the first part of The Game series and is followed by Push (2014) and Crash (2015).

Miki Jones has been living a half-life. Since her mother’s death, she’s been forced to deal with the fact that her father has turned to alcohol and her depression has driven a wedge between her and her friends. However, everything changes the day that she pushes a little girl out of the path of a speeding truck. The girl lives but Miki is not so fortunate, dying instantly in the crash.

However, Miki doesn’t stay dead. She wakes up in a mysterious lobby in the company of four other teens. Their leader, Jackson, quickly explains to her that she’s been pulled from the brink of death to take part in wargames against the Drau – a beautiful alien species who want nothing more than to wipe out humanity. Every time Miki survives a game she’ll be allowed to return to her normal life until she is summoned again. If she dies in battle, this time she’ll die forever.

Although Miki finds it difficult to comprehend what Jackson has told her she soon sees the truth when she is sent on her first mission,  finding that she possesses instincts and reflexes that she never knew she had. On returning home, she struggles to keep it together. How can she live knowing that everyone she loves is in great danger? It’s not long before she finds comfort in Jackson’s arms but he just keeps pushing her away. What is Jackson’s secret and can Miki really trust him at all?


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