Elsker was written by S.T. Bende and first published in 2013. It’s a paranormal romance story about an eighteen year old girl who finds her destiny bound to that of a Norse God. The novel forms the first part of series and is followed by Tur (2013), Endre (2013) and Tro (2014).

Kristia Tostenson has never been the most adventurous of people. She’s quiet and has been ostracised from others in her hometown because of her strange visions. On an impulse (and with a little push from her best friend Ardis) she applies to spend a year studying at a university in Wales. She doesn’t believe it will change much but she has to do something – anything – to escape small-town Oregon and see the world.

It’s not long after she starts her Mythology course that she first meets Ull Myhr. Ull is handsome and strapping but seems to hate her. He does nothing but glare at her during lectures and Kristia has no idea what she could have done to offend him so. Yet when the two eventually talk, they immediately hit it off and a whirlwind romance follows.

Yet there is a problem. Ull is a Norse God, destined to sacrifice himself at Ragnarok to save humanity. He’s torn between his duty to his people and sacrificing his divinity to be with Kristia. Not wanting to force Ull to choose, Kristia frantically searches for an alternative. The only way that she can think of is to become a Goddess herself, yet this means she must make a difficult choice. To become an Asgardian means that she must leave her human friends behind and risk her own life at Ragnarok…


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