Compass of the Nymphs

Compass of the Nymphs

Compass of the Nymphs was first published in 2013 and is the debut novel of Sam Bennett. It is the first part of a planned series under the name of Taisiya’s Trilogy. Although I don’t really have much more background information on the series than this, you can find out a little more about the author by visiting his website –

For many years, the town of Solames has been under the control of the wicked Queen Adrasteia. Every month, the Queen steals away more and more of the children from the town and takes them away to her castle where they are never seen again. The townsfolk are powerless to stop her, but that does not stop one girl from trying.

Taisiya is the last remaining child of Solames and thirsts for justice. Determined that she will kill the Queen and liberate her people, Taisiya tries repeatedly to infiltrate the castle but never gets beyond its outer walls. When she does finally manage to get to the Queen’s chambers, she quickly finds that she is no match for the despot. The Queen is a nymph, and a powerful one at that. There is no way that a young girl could survive against her alone.

Teaming up with Zara, the Queen’s disillusioned advisor, Taisiya sets off on an epic quest to discover the long-lost homeland of the nymphs. Here, she hopes to convince other powerful beings to join her cause. However, time is running short. The Queen has Taisiya’s parents captive and will execute them if Taisiya is not delivered to her by the end of the week…


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