Empress of the World

Empress of the World

Empress of the World was written by Sara Ryan and first published in 2001. It is a contemporary romance, focusing on a teenager discovering her sexuality when she finds herself drawn to another girl at her summer school. The novel is the first part of the Battle Hall Davies series and is followed by The Rules for Hearts (2007). It also won 2002 Oregon Book Award for Young Readers Literature.

Nicola Lancaster only really has one thing in mind when she enrolls in the Siegel Institute Summer Program for Gifted Youth – to study hard and decide if she really wants to make a career for herself in archaeology. She’s never really been one for making friends. Sure, she has theatre friends and orchestra friends but never just…friends.

Yet it’s not long before she finds herself surrounded with an eclectic selection of people. There’s Katrina – excitable and obsessed with computers – and Isaac who seems pleasant enough but has serious family troubles. And then there’s Battle. Beautiful, elegant Battle with her flowing blonde hair and trouble expressing herself in words.

Nic is immediately drawn to Battle and their friendship quickly becomes something more. Nic has never been attracted to girls before but quickly grows obsessed with Battle, wanting to understand everything about her. Yet Battle doesn’t like to be analysed and it’s not long before friction begins to grow between them…


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