Bound was first published in 2012 and was Sarah Bryant’s first young adult novel. It is a paranormal romance story which focuses on a teenage girl who flees to Scotland in order to escape from the terrible spectres that have haunted her since childhood. The story is the first instalment of trilogy and is followed by Riven (2012) and Morningstar (2014).

Sophie Creedon has never had a normal life. Since she was a child, she’s been able to see ghostly Revenants which haunt her everywhere she goes. Although she tries to ignore them, her odd behaviour has alienated her from others and even caused her parents to send her to therapy. In a last ditch attempt to escape the spirits, she accepts a job offer in the remote Scottish town of Ardnasheen and heads off to spend her gap year as far away from civilisation as she can get.

Yet the town is far stranger than she could ever have imagined. The folks who live there are deeply superstitious and her lodgings turn out to be in Madainneag – the Gothic residence of local laird Lucas Belial. Her first encounter with the laid also ends badly. He seems to recognise her instantly but is oddly hostile, insisting that she leave the town at once.

Sophie finds kinship with local barmaid Ailsa and the charming Sam Eblis but even in the remote Highlands, the Revenants still manage to find her. After an encounter in the woods, Sophie is left convinced that Sam is able to see the spectres as well. Her suspicions lead to her digging into the past of her new friends and in doing so she discovers a shocking secret that links Sam, Lucas and herself…


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