The Concealed

The Concealed

The Concealed is due for release in November 2015 and is the debut novel of Sarah Kleck. It is a paranormal romance novel which focuses on a nineteen year old girl who starts to overcome a family tragedy when she meets a mysterious young man. The novel is the first part of a planned series but at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Evelyn Lakewood was raised by her older sister Zara following the car crash that took the lives of her parents. When Zara later loses her life in a shooting, Evelyn is left alone and depressed. After she receives an acceptance letter from Oxford University, she jumps at the chance to do something that would make Zara proud. Even though she is a semester behind in her studies, she travels to the city in order to study Psychology.

While Evelyn is quick to make friends with two other students – Sally and Felix – she also finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Jared Calmburry. Jared is the heir to a vast fortune and also lost his parents to a tragic accident. Although her friends warn her away from him, Evelyn finds him irresistible. The problem is that Jared seems to do all that he can to avoid her.

As Evelyn investigates further into Jared’s past she begins to discover that Jared’s family tree is contains a legacy of ancient magic. Soon, strange things begin to happen to her and she realises that there are people who are determined to protect Jared’s family and will do anything to ensure that Evelyn does not discover the truth about him. It is up to Evelyn to decide whether or not she continues to pursue her love when it could lead both of them into grave danger…


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