Scar was first published in 2014 and is the debut novel of CC Faye. It is a paranormal romance novel that is heavily influenced by anime and Japanese mythology. This novel is unfortunately currently out of print but I am posting this review anyway to inform you lovely readers in the event that it does become available once again.

Seventeen year old Kiko Kurosawa leads a lonely existence. Her mother tragically passed away when she was only eight years old and she only sees her father, a mafia boss, on special occasions. Most of her life is spent at home in her spacious mansion with only her maids and childhood friend / bodyguard, Ken, for company.

However, Kiko’s life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped from her school by one of her father’s enemies. She is rescued by a masked stranger. She quickly learns that her saviour, Scar, is a young Soul Reaper who has been tasked with collecting a thousand souls before his 18th birthday. If he fails, he will be outcast from his society and left to become a wandering spirit but he can’t succeed without a weapon.

This is where Kiko comes in. Scar reveals to her that she is really a Soul Reaper’s weapon in human form and swiftly claims her as his own. Although initially reluctant to be a Reaper’s slave, Kiko soon warms to her master and swears to help him in his quest. Yet things will not be easy. Scar only has one month remaining to complete his goal and he’s not the only Soul Reaper that wants to claim Kiko…


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