Seeking Dr. Magic

Seeking Dr. Magic

Seeking Dr. Magic was written by Scott Spotson and was first published in 2013. It is a mystery story containing fantastical elements which focuses on a retired FBI agent’s attempts to uncover the identity of a powerful wizard. The novel stands alone as a complete story in its own right and so you do not have to have read any of Spotson’s earlier works in order to fully appreciate it.

It is a perfectly ordinary afternoon when the first phantom ninja throws itself off a building in Chicago. The mysterious creature proves that it is able to survive a fall of a hundred feet before it leaps back up the side of the building and disappears. As videos are uploaded to the internet, it rapidly becomes apparent that the same thing is happening worldwide yet no one can explain how the stunts could take place.

Theories about the phenomena vary wildly, from holograms to alien invasions, but Tony Hetfield is not convinced by them. He is a former FBI agent, now working as a private investigator after an injury forced him to retire. Since he solved a high profile case, the detective has enjoyed celebrity status and is quick to make his opinions on the phantom ninjas heard. He believes that they can only have been created by a powerful wizard – a man he dubs Dr. Magic.

Although his former colleagues ridicule him, Tony reaches out in an attempt to contact Dr. Magic and soon succeeds. In their brief meeting, he manages to deduce a few things about his past and this gives him everything he needs to begin an investigation. As he delves into Dr. Magic’s origins, he looks to answer two questions – is Dr. Magic human and is he capable of hurting others?


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