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Awakening was written by Shannon Duffy and first published in 2015. It is a science fiction novel set in a dystopian future where the government controls every aspect of peoples’ lives. The story reads as though it is the first part of a series but at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Desiree is one of the lucky ones in her society. She is a Six – born on a Friday – and so knows that she’ll be allowed to live a full forty-five years. It is much better than the unfortunate Ones who are only allowed to live until they are twenty-five. She has grown up believing that the Protectorate’s strict rules are necessary – governing every aspect of her life to ensure that she never suffers. They even control her sleep, using sensors implanted in her at birth to control how long she sleeps and ensure that she only has good dreams.

Yet as her sixteen birthday passes, she has begun to have her doubts. The Protectorate determined that her ideal mate is Asher, the bully that tormented her throughout her childhood. She knows the Protectorate cannot have made a mistake but the decision gnaws at her. Asher does not even seem to love her so how can he be destined to become her husband?

Her confusion grows when she finds Darian One hiding in her room one night. Darien was once her childhood friend but was imprisoned for life in the nightmarish Terrorscape. Darien is only looking for a place to sleep yet he shares with her a shocking truth. The Protectorate is not what they seem and framed him for the murder of his parents. Now that she has evidence that the government is corrupt, Desiree must make a terrible choice. Does she accept Asher and continue as she has been or does she take her destiny into her own hands and escape the Protectorate before it is too late?

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