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Sleepless was first published in 2015 and is Michael Omer’s debut novel. It is a young adult horror story about a teenage girl who notices that there is something strange about her new town. The novel is the first part of the Narrowdale series and its sequel – Moth to a Flame – is planned for release later this year.

Amy immediately takes a disliking to her new home. She’s used to living in LA and, in comparison, Narrowdale is just boring. It’s so quiet, most of the other students in the school are unfriendly and the air conditioning in her house doesn’t even work. Yet as she explores the town she begins to realise that behind Narrowdale may not be as innocent as it first seemed.

Every night, Amy has the same dream. She’s pursued in the night by a shadowy stalker and wakes up as he catches her. The only problem is, her dream stalker’s eerie whistling follows her out of the dream, seeming to come from right outside her window. A whistling that the rest of her family can’t hear.

As Amy’s dreams grow more frightening, she starts to wonder if they’re trying to tell her something and researches missing person reports in her area. However, she does not realise how dangerous Narrowdale is. People who explore the town’s mysteries too closely tend to disappear and, in trying to uncover the identity of her stalker, Amy might just be sealing her fate…

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