Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier instalments of this series. You can read my reviews of these novels [here] and [here].

Soldier was written by Julie Kagawa and first published in 2016. It is the third novel in The Talon Saga and follows Ember, Garret, Riley and Wes as they continue to battle against both Talon and St George. The story follows on directly from where Talon (2014) and Rogue (2015) left off and so you really need to read the books in order to fully appreciate them.

Following his split from Ember, Garret travels to London to pursue his suspicion that something is not right within the Order of St George. What he finds shocks him. The Patriarch – the highest ranked soldier of the Order – is taking orders directly from Talon. While the Patriarch justifies his treasonous behaviour, he does not realise that he is being played by the dragons. Talon are using him to target rogues and dissidents, making their organisation stronger than ever.

When Garret learns that St George have been directed towards Ember and Riley, he rushes back to America to help his friends escape a deadly trap. But doing so reawakens feelings that he would sooner put behind him. Try as he might to get over Ember, he still loves her dearly. Ember is also torn in half by her feelings. Although the dragon in her yearns for Riley, there is something about Garret that still confuses her deeply.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Talon is putting its master plan into action. Dante has been put in charge of managing the vessels – an army of dragon clones. The creatures have been bred to follow orders to the letter but possess no free will or empathy of them own. With their clone army and St George under their thumb, Talon is stronger than ever and will soon be able to take control of the world…


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