Skid was first published in 2012 and was written by Doug Solter. It is a contemporary novel about a teenage girl following her dream to become a Formula One racer. The story is the first part of a series and is followed by Rivals (2014) and Legends (2015).

Samantha has always been a fan of fast cars. It’s only on the racetrack that she feels fully alive. After she survives the horror crash that kills her father, she decides that she wants to pursue a career in racing. Although she struggles with haunting memories of that terrible night, she is determined to overcome them. Racing was her father’s dream and she wants to honour his memory.

When she learns that the Wolert Porsche Formula One team is recruiting young talent, Samantha knows that she has a chance. Bluffing her way into the test session, she dazzles the owner by beating the lap times of every other driver and wins a place on the team. However, racing is a man’s game and she soon finds herself at a disadvantage. Even her own team are reluctant to let her behind the wheel, purely because she’s a girl.

Worse still is the legendary Ferrari driver, Emilio Ronaldo. He is certain that he’ll win out as he’s certain that girls are too emotional and compassionate to be any sort of competition on the track. Yet as Samantha’s confidence grows as she starts creep up the leaderboards and suddenly it looks as though she’ll have a shot at stealing Emilio’s crown. Will she be able to pull ahead and prove that women have a place in racing, or will her nerves get the better of her?


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