The Kingdom Lights

The Kingdom Lights

The Kingdom Lights is the debut novel of English author Steven V.S. and was first published in 2014. It is a fantasy story with a vaguely steampunk setting which focuses on a twelve year old boy who has just discovered that he possesses magical powers. Although the novel reads as though it is the first part of a series, at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Celes Vale has always longed to be an Invoker but it is not until his twelfth birthday that his dream becomes a reality, making him the first Invoker born into a non-magical family for many years. In order to help him control his powerful gifts, he is sent away from his beloved home town of Midgard to live with his Aunt and Uncle in the city of Gardarel, the Kingdom Lights. Here, he is enrolled in a special school which will teach him magical theory in preparation for the following year when he will be sent to a school for Invokers.

However, Celes soon discovers that he is not welcome in Gardarel. The other Invokers all come from very wealthy families and he is looked down upon for his low birth. Although he soon finds himself the target of Marcus Blackwood and his gang of bullies, Celes soon assembles his own group of outcast friends. These include Imogen (the non-magical daughter of a local merchant), a Wisp named Zephyr who possesses his own kind of powerful magic and two furry creatures – Amirus and Jakus – who belong to a race called the Scurriers.

As Celes settles into life in Gardarel, he discovers that he has arrived in the city at a time of political upheaval. Thirteen years previously, a revolution was squashed and its instigator – Lord Lyons – is finally being returned to the Gardarel for his execution. As Celes and his friends explore the city they stumble across a plot to free the Lord and restart the revolution. As no one will believe their story, it’s up to Celes and his friends to discover who is responsible and stop them before anyone can get hurt.


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