Sunshine was first published in 2013 and is the debut novel of Nikki Rae. It is a dark paranormal romance that focuses a teenager called Sophie Jean who suffers from a rare allergy to sunlight. Sunshine forms the first part of The Sunshine Series and is followed by Sun Poisoned (2013) and Sun Damage (2014).

Sophie, known occasionally as Sunshine by her friends, has not had the easiest of lives. Her allergy has left her pitied or mocked by many of her classmates, her mother is ashamed of her and a history of abuse has left her scarred both physically and mentally. Despite her trauma, she is working hard to get her life back on track and has no desire whatsoever in starting a relationship with anyone.  That is, until Myles Lott comes into her life.

Although Sophie has no interest in Myles, she soon finds that he seems to be everywhere that she goes and merely grows more persistent when she tries to give him the cold shoulder. Yet there is something about the teenager that draws her back to him and she soon finds that she is beginning to open up to him.

Frightened that he will abandon her if he discovers more about her past, Sophie is torn between starting a relationship with Myles and running away but she quickly begins to discover that she is not the only one with secret. Myles has mysterious powers and harbours a secret that is far more unusual that her own. Suddenly, Sophie discovers that the monsters of her past were just men and that the real monsters stalk the night, hungry for blood…


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