My Life as a Troll

My Life as a Troll

It seems that video games are a running theme this month! Following on from Nick’s review of Sword Art Online, here’s another example of why gaming can seriously damage your health!

My Life as a Troll is Susan Bohnet’s debut novel and was first published in 2014. It is a coming of age story which focuses on a teenage boy’s addiction to a multi-player online role play game (MMORPG). Although the novel feels as though it is the start of a series, no further instalments have been announced at the time of writing.

Jared’s life sucks. His parents fight all the time, his older sister is dating a jerk and he has recently become the target of a particularly vicious school bully. In order to find a way to escape the harshness of reality he retreats into the popular online game, Lavascape – an immersive virtual reality experience which allows him to role play in an epic fantasy world.

Reimagining himself as a troll named Jerry, Jared quickly gets the hang of the game and begins to spend more and more time in Lavascape. As his skill grows, he slowly gets drawn into the game’s wider story. Outside the safety of the Troll Village, a war rages with the trolls and goblins on one side and elves and giants on the other. Soon, Jerry starts to have visions about what his quest must be. The human princess Sparklet is being held hostage and only he can free her before she is executed.

Yet as Jared spends more time in Lavascape, his social life begins to suffer. His grades drop and his friends begin to think of him as being unreliable. To make matters worse, his body seems to start to undergo physical changes. Is it possible that Lavascape could be turning him into a troll in real life? And is it possible for him to kick his habit before it’s too late?


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