The Book of Kindly Deaths

The Book of Kindly Deaths

The Book of Kindly Deaths was written by fantastically named Eldritch Black and first published in 2014. It is a gothic horror story which is framed around the titular book, in which the tragic stories of humans and their encounters with monsters are recorded. The novel reads as though it’s the first part of a series but at the time of writing no future instalments have been announced.

Following the disappearance of her Grandfather, Eliza Winter and her parents are forced to stay in his creepy house while they put his affairs in order. As Eliza waits for them to finish, a strange man appears at the door. He claims to be a book collector looking for a particular tome in her Grandfather’s collection but Eliza senses that he is lying. There is just something inherently wrong with the dark stranger.

As Eliza explores the house, she comes across a secret room which contains the book. Its title is The Book of Kindly Deaths and, although its pages initially seem to be glued together, she soon discovers that the stories it holds can only be read in the correct order. Hiding the book from her disapproving mother, she starts to read at night and quickly discovers that the stories within are far from pleasant.

Each story tells the tale of a human who has run afoul of the monstrous inhabitants of the Grimwytch and have suffered horribly. As Eliza reads on she begins to see the creatures that she reads about lurking around her Grandfather’s home. Although she can tell that there is something horribly wrong with the book, she knows that she needs to read it to the end. It could be the only thing that can tell her what has happened to her Grandfather.


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