The City’s Son

The City's Son

The City’s Son was written by Tom Pollock and first published in 2012. It is an urban fantasy story that explores a world of fantastical creatures hidden within the streets of London. The novel forms the first part of The Skyscraper Throne series and is followed by The Glass Republic (2013) and Our Lady of the Streets (2014).

Beth Bradley is no stranger to being in trouble but this time she has taken things a little too far. Her best friend, Pen, has betrayed her and she’s found herself expelled from school. Not that her father especially cares. He retreated into himself after her mother’s death and no longer pays any attention to anything that his daughter does.

Escaping to her private place, Beth tries to think of what she can do next. However, the answer soon comes to her in the form of a spectral train. Beth doesn’t understand why the Railwraith appears before her but she decides to accept its invitation to ride. Unfortunately her adventure doesn’t last long. When her Railwraith is attacked by a larger train, she is rescued by a mysterious boy with skin the colour of the pavement.

Filius Viae is the Crown Prince of London. He’s the only child of the Lady of the Streets – the Goddess who created London – and has been trying his hardest to rule over it in the years since her disappearance. His mother’s greatest enemy – Reach, the Crane King – has been growing in strength and now Fil needs that he needs to rally and army and take him down. Although he is close to giving up, Beth’s confidence and bravery rekindle his own. Working together, perhaps there is a chance to destroy Reach before he rebuilds London in his own image.


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