The Griever’s Mark

The Grievers Mark

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The Griever’s Mark is Katherine Hurley’s debut novel and was first published in 2014. It is high fantasy story about a young woman who has been forced into the service of an evil overlord. The novel is the first part of a series and its sequel, Chains of Water and Stone, is due for release at the end of this month.

As a baby, Astarti’s mother abandoned her to the mercy of the ocean. Although she has never understood why, she knows that it was no accident. Her mother marked her with a runic tattoo – the Griever’s Mark – an ancient symbol believed to carry one to their death. Only Astarti did not die. Instead, she was found by Belos.

Belos was once an Earthwarden but has been cast out by his people. Now, he is feared across the lands. He gains power by making contracts with people, offering them all that they desire. In return, his victims are Leashed to him with invisible strands. Through these Leashes, Belos can pass on incredible powers but he can also take control of the minds and bodies of those bound to him. When she was seven years old, Astarti was forcibly Leashed to Belos. She burns with hatred for her master but the Leash makes it impossible for her to defy him.

While on a mission for Belos, Astarti finds herself face to face with another Earthwarden. Although his kind are usually hostile to her race, Logan seems different from the rest. He immediately sees that there is something unique about Astarti and starts to help her to find herself. With Logan’s assistance, Astarti discovers that Belos has been lying to her for a long time. There is far more to herself, her family and her powers than she could have ever imagined.

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