The Haunting of Secrets

The Haunting of Secrets

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The Haunting of Secrets was first published in 2014 and is the debut novel of Shelley R Pickens. It is a murder mystery, focusing on a teenage girl with strange powers as she tries to prevent a serial killer from picking off the students in her school. The novel is the first of a planned series, although at the time of writing a release date has not been given for its sequel.

Sixteen year old Aimee has gained a reputation at her school for being weird. She dresses entirely in black clothes that cover all of her skin, avoids extra-curricular activities and only socialises with a handful of friends. What they don’t know is that she possesses an incredible power. With a single touch, Aimee can read a person’s memories and therefore absorb all the secrets that are hidden deep in their hearts.

When a bomb detonates in her school cafeteria, Aimee’s life is thrown into chaos. As she escapes the collapsing building, she accidentally brushes against another student and discovers that he leads a terrifying double life. Although he projects the image of an ordinary teenager, he has already savagely murdered two girls and will do so again.

Aimee is horrified by what she has seen but has one problem – she does not know whose memories she absorbed. With the help of her friends, she begins to piece together the evidence to reveal the killer. But time is running out. The murderer is aware that she is on to him and plans to permanently silence her before she can uncover his identity.

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